Baumann Semi-Automatic Pile Turners BSW

Baumann BSW
(Semi-automatic pile turners)

The manual handling of paper and cardboard-stacks is a backbreaking and expensive process. Baumann Pile Turners give you the opportunity to save time, reduce the costs and eliminate the physical effort. There is a great variety of requirements today's pile turners have to meet.

  • A diversity of tasks can be carried out by these multiple machines:
  • Pile turning
  • Precise pile alignment
  • Accelerate the drying process of printed products
  • Aerate and thus separate sheets prior to the printing process
  • Pallet exchange
  • Remove wastepaper
  • Centre a pile on the top of a system pallet

Baumann has concentrated on this diversity of tasks and offers a very broad range of pile turners in order to put the perfect pile turner for any task at our customers disposal.

  • Semi-automatic processes make the operation of the semi-automated pile turners very comfortable:
  • Aeration with powerful blowers and broad air-nozzles, which can be closed for smaller formats
  • Vibration with adjustable alignment-stop, which is extended automatically (apart from BSW 2)
  • Manual or motorically supported pile turning


  • Comfortable operation
  • Solid and compact construction
  • Fast and relieable
  • High quality
  • Excellent cost-benefit ratio

Technical Data

BSW 2BSW 3 (N)BSW 3 (H)
Sheet format [min1.]350 x 350500 x 650500 x 650
Sheet format [max.]550 x 750800 x 1200800 x 1200
Pile height [min./max.]440/1220630/1450790/2010
Loading capacity50012001200
Version LV(D)2---
Version LV3XXX
Version (D)4---
Version 5XXX
Sheet format [min1.]700 x 1000700 x 1000
Sheet format [max.]1050 x 14501200 x 1650
Pile height [min./max.]720/2020720/2020
Loading capacity20002000
Version LV(D)2XX
Version LV3XX
Version (D)4XX
Version 5XX



Smallest format which can still be aerated


LV (D) with aeration and vibration, motorically assisted turning


LV with aeration and vibration


(D) motorically assisted turning


with manual turning, without aeration and vibration