Cutting system N° 2

High flexibility for medium cutting volumes!

The cutting system N° 2 offers high productivity in combination with perfect ergonomics.
All main components can be used either automatically or manually.

Which automation components does the system offer?

  • Automatic feeding of the high-speed cutter NEW
  • Automatic cutting with front-and lateral alignment pusher and sheet-stabiliser NEW
  • Automatic waste disposal
  • Performance optimised high-speed cutter WOHLENBERG 132
  • Unloader BA Ne - economy version NEW
  • Automatic Jogger BSB L professional
Cutting system N° 2
Cutting system N° 2

The operating principle:

The operator prepares the layer in the jogger BSB L professional. Following that he approaches the high-speed cutter and fi nishes cutting the already aligned layer.
Simultaneously, the jogged layer is automatically transported from the BSB L to the front-table of the high-speed cutter. As soon as the operator has fi nished cutting the layer, the next layer is transported to the front of the high-speed cutter.

The layer is then introduced into the cutter, aligned and automatically cut, while the operator is preparing the next layer in the automatic jogger BSB3l professional.

After the fi rst cut, the layer can be automatically turned by 90° and cut again fully automatically – in total up to 4 times.

Which advantages does the system offer?

  • The automatic cutting is now possible without any loss of quality thanks to the innovative sheet stabiliser.
  • Performance increase of up to 50 % - compared to a conventional cutting system.
  • Very fl exible combined with maximum productivity.
  • The cutting system offers an optimal combination of all automatic and manual functions.
  • Perfect ergonomics, relieving the operator of physical strain
Automatic front-table feeding systemAutomatic turning of the layer on the rear-table, up to 4 cuts are possible without any operators intervention