Cutting system N° 3

Fully equipped for high productivity!

The cutting system N° 3 has been especially designed for the heavy industrial production. The system combines several automated components for highest productivity, at the same time relieving the operator of physical strain.

Which automation components does the system offer?

  • 132 high-speed cutter with new knife change device, optimised cutting cycle with new micro-perforated air table
  • Unloader BA with fully automatic format detection NEW
  • Fully automatic jogging system BASA with integrated pile logistics and unique effi ciency, also for small editions NEW
  • Transport gripper system BFS-V, removing the sheets from the BASA and offering the possibility of feeding the high-speed cutter via the front-table.
Cutting system N° 3
Cutting system N° 3

What advantages does the system offer?

Complete system:

  • Performance increase of up to 250 % compared to a ‚classic‘ cutting line
  • Very short set-up times – even small print-runs can be automatically processed
  • All tables are equipped with micro-perforation so the operator can handle the material effortlessly.

Fully automatic jogging system BASA:

  • The system is equipped with a new de-stacking unit and a counting device. Even piles, composed of different signatures, printed sheets in different languages or different assignments can be processed automatically, accurate to the sheet and correctly sorted.
  • Thanks to the logistic system a ‚non-stop‘ operation with maximum effi ciency is possible.
  • The sheet-blocker allows the processing of partial reams with a height up to 50 mm.

Transport gripper system and unloader:

  • On the feeding side it is possible to buffer up to 3 reams in the transport system BFS-V
  • The unloader table is very thin and allows the highly accurate restacking even of small cuts.

High-speed cutter:

  • Very quick thanks to the new cutting cycle, especially benefi cial if a lot of cuts need to be made
  • The new knife exchange system is simple, quick and highly precise. In combination with the new cuttingstick ejector changing
    a knife is simplicity.
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